Monday, July 12, 2010

A Facelift: Deck Re-surfacing

Before After

The Chaser 29 I own has reached a point that the deck anti-skid needs to be re-surfaced in several areas. Their is some minor flaking on the bow of the boat near the baby stay and further forward near the Spinnaker down hull track. The decking has also become very dull and hard to get clean.

This Saturday I began the process of sanding and taping off the cabin. The sanding process took about 6 hours in the hot sun. I figure this isn't to bad given the amount of deck area covered. Not removing all of the deck hardware also created a significant amount of sanding that could not be done with the sander and therefore had to be accomplished by hand.

Sunday Morning I gathered all my materials and hit the road directly after lunch. I arrived at the boat around 1:30 and mixed my paint. Interlux brightside (Seattle Gray) was mixed-up with intergrip a non-skid additive. As I painted along it became apparent that I was going to run out of paint before I finished. I ended up having my wife to run out and get me a second quart. ;-) I wrapped up around 5:30 by getting two big slivers in my hand as I straddled the dock and the boat to finish the last square on the deck.

Monday afternoon I managed to get back down and pull the tape off. The finished product is a glossy light gray deck that is now safer, much less slick to work on while handling sails and will be easier to get clean.

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